The Good Life Gazette is devoted to people who want to live simply.

It is a community for tightwads and thrifters, do-it-yourselfers and people who really get a kick out of dickering at garage sales. Here you can find dumpster divers and coupon clippers, crafters and bargain hunters, freegans and gleaners, minimalists and the occasional punk rocker. You are among back-to-the-landers, urban homesteaders, reskillers, and people dedicated to practicing voluntary simplicity; we have hippie dropouts, yuppie burnouts and dowshifters who have finally seen the light. All are welcome.

The Good Life Gazette is for people who want to get (or stay) out of debt, quit working like crazy and spend their time with the people they love. It is for people who want to live sustainably, and slowly, and to savor la dolce vita. It is for people who refuse to be labelled consumers, preferring instead to be called citizens, parents, friends, lovers and human beings.

If you have ever fixed furniture with duct tape or defended your habit of washing and re-using disposable plastic baggies, if you have ever passed up overtime pay for a walk in the woods, if you are a blackbelt tightwad adrift in a spendthrift world, welcome home. You have found your people.

If you are stressed out, in debt, and exhausted from keeping up with the Jones’s, climbing the ladder to nowhere and sprinting like mad on the work-spend treadmill, well a big cheery welcome hug to you, too. You have located the exit door.

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(About Karen is coming soon…)


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